log: anti image architects

Here is a studio that is dedicated to making architecture for people instead of creating spectacular structures or doing business. Hence, here is an example of where imagery is rightly put towards the rear of the list of priorities.


That said, they use structures that are reminiscent of Rogers’ kit of parts, and the website reflects that admiration – it looks a lot like the RSH+P website.


So once again we see how looking at something, choosing an aesthetic, is unescapably part of architecture. Or anything you do.

It would be interesting to hear a blind person’s response to that statement, though.

log: world photo day

Here is a list of many architects’ favourite photographers:


And here is an alternate list which combines commercial and fine art photographers, balancing conventional and experimental images:


and here is another:

log: the much anticipated crossover has happened

arch photos now look like cgi.


halbe has sounded the death knell which not so long ago rang out for product photography.