visualisation styles

this is an extremely relevant article which categorises the major styles of rendering

my goal with the photography section of my dissertation is to do the same: present a small pantone or panoply of styles, starting with historical (black and white) transitioning to the dominant conventional style and offering alternatives based on specific locations at specific times of year which might also include activity at specific moments.


indicators of broad public interest in architecture

and architects+institutions’ interest in reaching the general public:

architectural photography finally addressed by the BJP

Much as I have been saying:

‘Both focus on the photography of architecture, as opposed to the discipline of architectural photography (which, according to Badger, “within the strict definition of the term, is product photography, and is actually not that interesting”,including works by Julius Schulman, whose photographs transcended their use value as architectural records, to Frederic Chaubin’s concern for the storytelling properties of a building.’

And again in this article: