25 years of Photoshop

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There is a big buzz in the Architectural Press about this birthday:



It is one of the ways writers in the industry acknowledge the importance of photography. Or is it? Photoshop is of course used at the tail end of the rendering workflow. Photoshop allows architects to do what they do as much as 3d max or Rhino.

Either way, these articles celebrate the work of some amazing creators and the tool with which none of us could do without. Much like the internet. Only expensive.



New work in Arch Daily

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 2.36.52 PMhttp://www.archdaily.com/599502/dream-hotel-studio-puisto-architects/Checkout this article from ArchDaily.

images organised

Whilst awaiting the launch of my website, I have organised my images into 4 portfolios:

Personal Work

Commercial Work



All of which can be viewed / downloaded here: