I have spent the past few days just putting some images together and so far have a selection of 300+ images. This is getting very exciting, and difficult. How to choose?


28 offices in 28 days

I am writing from Oslo airport having completed the 3rd leg of this mission to shoot 28 offices in 28 days across 4 countries. So far I have shot Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. And it has been an amazing experience.

My main takeaway is that architectural offices, in their many different manifestations, are great places to work. They are genuine creative hubs where teams of people young and old throw around ideas and apply their many skills to create projects that alter the built environment and as such impact the world we live in. Might sound utopic and naive, I guess. But I’ve just done a massive amount of participant observation and that is the only general conclusion I have reached.

Apart from that, cities in the Nordics are nice places to work. OK, nice is kind of a bad word. But the transparency / horizontal vs hierarchical thing seems to be real and not just lip service.

I can’t publish any photos yet because I need approval first from the architects themselves and then from the sites I will send images to. But be on the lookout in coming weeks here and on instagram.

Next stop: Helsinki. Where I shall finish the job. Still one or two openings if anyone knows a great architecture office there I’ve not heard of.