New Website Up!

Very happy to announce that my new website is now a factual entity beyond the sphere of my imagination. Special thanks go to Cecilia Galera for all her hard work!

Three new projects can be viewed there together with a portfolio of commissions.


Shooting for Circo de la Luna in Southern Spain

If someone contacts you out of the blue and says I’d like to send you to shoot historic Mudejar architecture (which I love) in Andalucia (where I lived all too briefly) would you think it was too good to be true? I kind of did. But it wasn’t! I’ve just returned from there, had a great time and I think some rather good results!GranadaAlhambra Granada_MG_9285 Granada9166 Sevilla_MG_9966 Sevilla_MG_9748 Sevilla_MG_0224 (1) Sevilla_MG_0032 SevillaUntitled_Panorama4