My work in Wallpaper


This image from the story in Wallpaper was the first shoot I did for Studiopuisto. It was meant to be just a site visit, but luckily I brought my camera along and they liked the images. Proof that shoots can take place in all kinds of weather as this was the greyest of days in the darkest half of the year.

Very excited about upcoming shoots for Studiopuisto. They have gone from strength to strength and have some incredible projects on the horizon, all to be photographed this year. Keep an eye out.

An amusing side note is the number of spin-off renders that the second shoot I did for them has produced. A school that specialises in visualisation has even featured it! Studiopuisto are considering putting together a page with all of the examples, and I think it is a great idea. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, for all of us!


World Architects

So excited to be published in the world architects directory